Aorus AD27QD PUBG Overdrive/Aim Stabilizer Test(Xbox X/PC)

    Aorus AD27QD PUBG Overdrive – Aim Stabilizer Test(Xbox X/PC) Requested Video for a Friend of the channel:) *Video mostly on Balanced Preset as that’s the …


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    1. thank you bro for this video helped me alot is a real shame for consloe I think if the fix this this would be the perfect monitor for both pc and console. all i know when setting the Xbox up on my tv to get all the ticks I need to turn on hdr surrport on in the hdmi settings in my TV ………. is there any option like that on the monitor like a HDMI for HDR setting you and turn off or on????… defiantly need to mention this to them bro you be the 1st one to as well and if the can.fix it you would be a legend. your already a legend to me tho. keep up the good work looking forward to see your channel grow…… next video as mentioned before would be goods to see best Highend monitiors for both PC/console.

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