BETTER Phone WiFi in 30 Seconds!

    Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at Monitor and manage your PC in real-time with Pulseway! Create your free account today at …


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      A lot of VPN (PIA being one of them) allow you to have a custom DNS and you can have both goods together 🙂
      Or anyway use PIA DNS which is slower (having the same privacy in the data) but anyway, VPN is slower so you will not feel the difference between PIA's DNS and Cloudflare's

    2. No doubt you can connect this to your hp printer also but is you still have any issue then call expert for that +180068455649 they will assist you for you issues over the phone call.

    3. As soon as I finished watching this video I opened Play store to download this app.

      I was surprised to see this app at the top of my recommended apps list. I had never heard of this app prior to watching this video. Seems like data tracking has become quite aggressive on the part of Google 😂

    4. Wrong. I use ExpressVPN/NORDVPN on IKEV2 alongside DnsCrypt app (one is personal VPN and one is Enterprise VPN in settings). All checks out. Can block a ton of DNS queries this way and use VPN on IOS. VPN shouldn't drop speed more than 10%…correction : DNSCloak app on IOS (Uses DNSCRYPT /DoH/DoT/Hosts /Forwarding /Cloaking/etc….)

    5. And how many of us have slow wifi because DNS doesn't work properly? It's like these vids were changing from containing ads into ONLY containing ads. I don't need my DNS to be faster, I need my service provider to stop overselling 4G. Websites loading milliseconds slower? Uhm, sorry dude, not a problem.

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