Dragon Ball FighterZ – PS4 / XB1 / PC – Lass uns super sein (englischer Trailer)

    Beerus, Hit und Goku Black treten am 26. Januar auf der PS4, XB1 und dem PC von Dragon Ball FighterZ auf! Und die Open Beta wird zwischen dem 14. Januar stattfinden …


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    1. There are still lots of great characters that can be added to this (even without dipping into non-cannon stuff). Master Roshi, Grandpa Gohan, Hercule, Vegito, Evil Demon King Piccolo, Dodoria/Zarbon, Tao Pai Pai, Arale, Dabura, the Goku Black/Zamasu Fusion, Jiren, Toppo (who could act like a Captain Ginyu character and have his attack summon other members of the Pride Troopers), Cabba, Kale, Caulifla, Kefla, Bardock, Androids 19 and 20 and more… there's maybe even a fair amount of usable material from the Tournament of Power to get some other fighters like Brianne/Sanka/Su, Bergamo/Basil/Lavander, and Frost.

    2. Wow what spam. All I see is everyone wants to juggle chain and repeat supers. Should be decreasing the powers of super if used to many times. Take out the invisible wall juggles or put better counters. It's a shame that people resort to spam.
      Kinda disappointed.

    3. (sigh) (sigh) (sigh) so sad that still to this day they still socialize all these dragonball z games with the softest lamest most shitty punk bitch ass music, WHERE THE FUCK IS THE TOUGH DRAMATIC BADASS BATTLE MUSIC THAT WAS ALWAYS PLAYED IN THE ACTUAL FUCKING episodes.

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