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  1. Definitely have to put this one on a list to play. Seems like an actual horror that's not over the top with loud noises and cheap camera effects but with an actual atmosphere.

  2. So if this is anything like the RPG it's based on, you'll play half a dozen characters… Who all die or go insane… After roughly three hours of play… Over and over and over… But, god damn it, you'll beat that Corbitt House some day!

  3. When I played Amnesia: The Dark Descent, it gave me Lovecraftian vibes. For a long time it was the closest thing I had to a psychological horror game that was good and had vaguely lovecraftian elements. Now, there's going to be one that promises to be that but actually Lovecraft. Finally!

    You really don't know Lovecraft fans, do you?
    Not even Disney has the arrogance of claiming that their fairytale stories are "official"

  5. Lol… this game reminds me of being homeless until getting arrested, and then Sectioned in a Mental hospital in the UK (for not playing ball with the criminals who run Perfidious Albion), where they said I was going for a CT scan, and was told the drink was `vitamins`, and that was to relax-neutralize me so they could more easily electrocute my head (because I objected them to doing that illegally to an old man [a VOLUNTARY Patient] a day prior). After that I made sure I got a job, then earned enough money to leave the UK. Now I own a detached house in the Far East (near a small ski resort), and have a great family, and love life in this country with the Death Penalty.

  6. If you can't wait, you can play Battle for Azeroth. It's basically A Call of Cthulhu expansion. Like 65% of the Alliance content is. Not sure about the Horde side.

  7. Dear Focus Home Interactive… please release a ProRes of the trailer with PCM audio. Youtube compression is giving me nothing buy MADNESS!! can't wait for this game. Thank you for bring the Ancient Ones back into our lives <3

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