RTX 2060 v GTX 1070ti on 10 games ultra settings @ 1080p benchmark test!

    Games Tested: @0:00 – Shadow of the Tomb Raider @1:30 – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey @2:59 – Final Fantasy XV @4:30 – GTA V @6:00 – Far Cry 5 @7:30 …


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    1. Bless you for making this vid, I'm still intending to get a 1070 ti, the 2060 only looks good because the rest of the RTX series is mediocre other than the 2080ti in my opinion, it's just a modified 1070 ti card from this video..

    2. Hello my friend, what do u think about Msi Ventus rtx 2060? do u recommend this gpu? how about noise, temperature and power? 6 gb vram will be enough in the future to play in 1080p ? thanks for answer and for this video, well done 🙂

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