1. So if this video is correct fallout 76 will be a actual game instead of a multiplayer computer game if it was I can’t comprehend the backlash Bethesda would get from its audience people want to explore this kind of extraordinary wonder on their Xbox one PS4s and lose themselves in fallouts universe I know I will

  2. Yea nah fuck outta here with that bs. If Fallout 76 is online I swear to god I will flip my shit. Do you know how much Fallout I had been playing recently while waiting for E3? Do you not realise how much you have have fucked up just now? I guess I shouldn't be too critical as you haven't confirmed that F76 is multiplyer, however, if it is, you done fucked up. You will be shunned by the community unless it is absolutely perfect.

  3. here's an idea for Bethesda. If you truly want to save single player games. Why not bring us back to where it all began. Why not remake Fallout 1 and 2. Bring back the key classics that defined gaming forever.
    However Fallout 76. I hope isn't fully online. As I like playing Fallout solo. And your character is always the centre of the story. It didn't work for the elder scrolls online. It felt like a confused game all the way through.

  4. If they dont make 76 a single player game after coming out with this I'm going to be done with Bethesda I wouldnt mind a optional co op or online multiplayer but if I have to be online to play a single player game they can have it

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